Carol Meche

Styling + Creative Direction

What is the Flourish Workshop Series

FLOURISH is a seasonal workshop series hosted at a quaint farmhouse in Central, Louisiana. Our hope is to create an environment in which you can learn + grow while connecting with other people in the community. You'll learn new skills, eat some delicious food and leave with a few new friends. 

The first in our series combines two of our favorite things, letters and flowers...

Brush + Bloom is the first featured event in the Flourish Workshop Series. You will learn the art of modern brush calligraphy and floral design with two of Baton Rouge's leading creatives. As well as, being provided with small bites and handmade treats from Carol. These classes will give you the confidence you need to continue to develop your brush calligraphy and floral design skills long after the workshop is over.

Saturday, June 17th
Central, Louisiana 70818

Who is the workshop for

Brush + Bloom is open to everyone and all are invited and encouraged to attend! Whether you've had years of experience or have never touched either medium, we would love to have you. Beginners and experts will both be pleasantly surprised with what they'll learn. Our cozy environment will be the perfect setting to grow together in these new skills. 

What you will learn at Brush + Bloom

To keep an intimate feel you will be divided into groups and rotate between our two instructors. In between sessions, Carol will be providing the attendees with small bites and handmade treats to give time to meet and mingle before your next session. Everything will be provided for you, all you need to bring is yourself!

Meet Your Teachers

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Hiya, I'm TahJah Harmony the whimsical creative behind Quaint+Whim. I am a lifestyle photographer and with the power of social media accidentally started a calligraphy business by sharing images of some of my favorite handwritten quotes. Calligraphy has been something that has been passed down from my grandfather to my mom, and I am so excited to get to share a family tradition with you.


My name is Mary Johnston. I have lived in Louisiana all of my life, and I have loved in Louisiana all of my life. Last year I fell in love with flowers, and booked a trip to Seattle to learn from the best at Floret Farms. In the fall, I started a floral design studio called Merry Floral. Working with flowers brings me a lot of joy, and I am honored to extend that joy through both offering and education.

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— Eula, Whistling Past the Graveyard by Susan Crandall