Carol Meche

Styling + Creative Direction

Hello there. I'm Carol. 

Styling and storytelling are two of my biggest passions, and I believe these two things go hand in hand. Styling is so much more than combining the right elements to build a scene that is aesthetically pleasing. It's about telling an honest and captivating story in a natural and beautiful way. A story that will inspire the audience and move them to feel something deeper. Its about establishing a connection. 

I believe the unique qualities of you and your product are what make your story so special. Do you need a stylist to help communicate who you are as a brand and to connect your product with your customer in an impactful way? Does your home need some sprucing up to make it feel more like you? Do you have an event that needs a creative focus or just a helping hand to style it?   

My degree in fashion merchandising and six years of experience in the visual + creative world at both corporate and small retail businesses have allowed me to develop and fine tune my own unique styling personality and my creative eye. I've been privileged in my career to be able gain experience in many areas including: visual merchandising, store + window display, concept development, fashion and interior styling, as well as, food + prop styling.

If you are interested in the services I offer and my rates, please check out the services page! I would love the opportunity to work with you. 

Based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Happy to Travel!